1.) Life is clearly not about you.

2.) Things will never satisfy your Soul. ( esp. Materialistic one’s )

3.) Debt is dangerous if you’re unaware of what actually you’re doing.

4.) Read more & more & more & seek Knowledge as much as you could.

5.) Manage to Travel more & to stay Fit . (Robust Mind and Body)

6.) What exactly your Passions & Virtues are.

7.) Your only Competition or Benchmark is Yourself.

8.) Understand & utilise the key for Saving and Investing Money.

9.) What’s worth Sacrificing & Compromising and what’s not.

10.) How to Stand up for Yourself. ( Come what may )

11.) Know who your Real Friends are & who your Family is.

12.) You aren’t gonna make Everyone Happy & not Everyone will like you.

13.) Ask for what you want. Don’t expect it to happen on it’s own.

14.) It is more likely that being Happy will make you Successful than Success will make you Happy.

15.) If you are exhausted with everything, learn to Rest and not to Quit 🙌

#life #lessons #learnt 😇


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