Dear EX πŸ˜‡

You left me when I believed that you’d stay.

You left my side when I needed you the most.

Today, I don’t have any Cuss words for you.

Infact, just wanna Thank You Whole Heartedly ❀

Thank You for teaching me a Strong #life #lesson

Thank you for making me realize my actual Worth & Potential.

Thank you for making me Strong as a person and Thank you for leaving me so that I could find the lost Me.

Thank you for helping me grow into a more Matured person.

I have your infinite memories with me but trust me on this,

They won’t make me Sad anymore✌

Heartfelt thankful for making me realize what exactly Moving On with Grace means 😊

On the contrary,

Your contribution in my Life has a great impact on evolving me into a much better being at present.

Thank you for everything ! ❀


25 thoughts on “Respecting Past Relationships

    1. Clearly depends upon how the person visualises things after breaking up

      If the person let go of the past relationship with grace he/she gets Matured & stronger soon

      Not every thing is in our control
      At times, letting go means everything πŸ˜‡βœŒ


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