Positive thinking is reckoning thoughts of what You Love ❤

Positivity is Relative & Individual,

because what is Positive for one person may not be case for Another.


It’s Raining out there..☔

..Then for the person who loves Rain..

it’s sheer “Dance of Joy” already for him/her.

But for the person who dislikes it, things go other way round which isn’t much Positive.

Still the person that doesn’t like Rain

could think Positively by reckoning

about how much he/she loves

“Fall or Spring” 💛✌

Basically, you see Positive

thinking clearly isn’t similar for

every Respective Individual.

This is “Living the Secret”

Each Time you watch the Secret,

You become more Powerful in your thoughts and feelings to attract what you LOVE .

Every bad situation would

definitely come up with something Positive.

Believe in the Power of Optimism.

Being Optimistic & Seeking Positivity until your last breath will definitely reach you to the pinnacle of “NIRVANA” 😇❤


” Optimism = Success “


© 03/02/2019

41 thoughts on “Power of Optimism 😇

  1. Two years back I was a great pessimist. But that was okay because it didn’t hindered my progress. However times I repeated that it wont happen or I cant do it….it was okay cause my work went well. But then I came to such a transition that nothing helped. And me being pessimistic added fuel to fire. It took time but….I left it. For me.

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    1. Bravo ! You go girl ! 🙌
      More power to you ✊

      Likewise, pretty resembling story I had too .
      For a while I was Wasted, Aimless and Reckless following non-realistic pessimism, but learning from mistakes and dark experiences I overcame it somehow and still pursuing it with utmost OPTIMISM 🙂
      And believe me on this,
      Life’s running real smooth when I started following and spreading Positive Vibes all around 😇

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          1. For work reasons..?

            Honestly me devlali ekda baghitlela te pan 2-3 years adhi.. So far kahi athvat nahiye but yah sgle mhantat it’s a good place….

            Being a part of Maharashtra.. I’ve never ever visited Mumbai.. I mean like asa firayla.. Which is very weird 😅


          2. Yes! For work reasons 🙂
            We have a township under construction there
            ‘Navdhan Villa’

            Ekda Bhet deun ya tikde
            वेळ मिळाल्यास


          3. नाही ग नेहा
            वेळ आहे अजून बनायला

            सद्या फक्त एक नवीन Civil Engineer आहे 🙂

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          4. Apan vgre kay re… Me mhanje like khup lahan ahe.. Arey is ok. Apan vgre far formal vatta.

            Plz don’t laugh.. Me 10th madhe ahe.. Boards cha preparation karat ahe.. 😂😂


  2. Kharach asa grp ahe..?
    Mazhi faar iccha hoti asa grp vhyava..

    Law of attraction ahe he.. 😍

    But me ata nahiye whatsApp var cause 10th n all but 2 months madhe yeil tevha maybe..


  3. I believe, that positive thinking helps to achieve what we wish, it helps to be a better person, i always like to follow positive people and be surround by positive environment, i’m so glad i found you here🤗

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    1. Hope you’re having a good day Ilona ! 🙂
      Positive attitude can led us to accomplish even impossible battles of our Life.
      Positivity enhances our behaviour and strength to the most .
      We can conquer any difficult work if optimism lies within us 😇✌

      I’m glad that I found one sweetest positive soul which is you ❤

      Thank you for reading and sharing your positive thoughts !

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