LIFE is Busy .

It’s Hard to keep everything Organized & Tidy.

And to some extent you don’t wanna have an Organized Life, But moving forward will require far less energy if you remove burden of Excessive baggage & Stress involved .

Everything in your LIFE is energy. If you’re carrying much Physical or Emotional stuff , YOUR PROGRESS WILL BE HAMPERED.

Rare are the people who have Organized their Lives to prioritize almost exclusively important & Deep activities .

(e.g. Learning, Health, Relationships, Travel and Goals)

No one gives a damn about your SUCCESS more than you do✌

If you aren’t a Meticulous Accountant about the important details of your LIFE, then you aren’t responsible enough to have what you say you desire for.


Getting Organized & conscious of present Circumstances (say, your Environment, Finances, Relationships, Purpose & Time) puts you in position build toward the future you want.

The fastest way to move forward in LIFE is not doing more. It starts with ceasing the behaviour which’s holding you πŸ”™

say, If you wanna get in Shape.. You’ll make more Progress by stopping your Negative Attitude than starting good one’s. So before you start πŸ’ͺWorking-Out, purge the Junk from your Diet.

Until you stop the damage, you’ll always be taking One Step Lateral Forward and One Backward.

say, Before you Focus on making more MONEY, reduce your spending.

Detach yourself from needing more & become more Content with what you have.

Until you do this, it doesn’t matter how much MONEY you make You’ll always Spend what you have (or maybe more) .

This is matter of Stewardship. Rather than wanting more & more, it’s key to take proper care of what you currently have.

Organize Yourself. Dial it in.

Your LIFE is a Garden. What good is Planting if you don’t prepare the Soil and remove the weeds?

Why do most people stay stuck?

– Because they never ORGANIZE .

They try adding more, or being more Productive or maybe taking a different bizarre approach .

Conclusion :




Β© 10/02/2019


28 thoughts on “Being Well-Organized in LIFE

  1. I’m great at organising myself but trying to teach my boys to get organised is a constant battle… I will win it though, it might just take a little time … πŸ‘


          1. I’ll give my best to stay Optimist as long as possible mate.
            Also, kind people like you are quite mandatory in this World ✌
            Keep going! Wish you all the happiness ahead πŸ™‚


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