Dawn arises only after Dusk ✌

If you feel like you cannot move on from whatever you are going through at the moment,

Remember this: Six months ago, a year ago, couple of years ago or may be more..
Your thought were the same .
You were in a position that threatened all that was hopeful within you ,
You didn’t even reckon you’d Survive .

But Six months ago, a year ago or couple of years ago – You did
Yes, You did.

You woke up in the dawn.
You pushed through the mess,
You dug thyself out of the hurt.

You held on to whatever light you found within your days ,
You pressed into yourself wherever you could ,
Reminding thyself that goodness still existed ,

That the softness was still there .

Six months ago, a year ago or couple of years ago
You fought your way out of the dark .
You fought to be here.
You have the strength to save thyself.
You always have. Don’t ever forget that .

I need you to know that it gets better .

I need you to know that the way you flay your heart open for the world is brave ,
That the way in which you refuse to be anything but soft, even when you feel like you may just break under the weight of feeling,
is why you’re needed here.

I need you to know that beautiful things are
Vanishing each day , and I’m proud of you for fighting to ensure that your soul is not one of them.
You need to keep fighting.

I need you to know that you’ll find the places that leave every tender part of you feeling calm and at peace with who you are.
You’ll find the places that inspire everything inside of you to surge and ache with the hope & the beauty of being alive .
These places, they aren’t where you were born ,
But they will be..where you are reborn .
You will know when you have found them .

My lord, will you know

I need you to know that there are others like you in this world ;
others who are messy hearted,
Others who feel things intensely ,
and without hesitation ,
others who cannot contain all that they hold within the worlds of their mind because that have only ever known how to pour,
how to shatter , how to give & give & give .

I need you to know that you’ll find these people , and they’ll become your family – you’ll take care of each other .
You will grow together,
in the moments between breaths ,
in the stunning silence that blankets your souls when you connect with the fact that in a world of billions , in the middle of all this noise ,
you’ll find each other.

But most of all,
I need you to know that we are all here, together dealing with what is Dark & Light within us.
I need you to know that you aren’t alone .
I need you to know that you’re going to survive this .
I need you to know that one day you’re going to be sitting in a place you Love ,
Surrounded by people who inspire you & you’re doing to think 🔙 to the Storms and the Hurricanes that rattled through your bones ,
And you’re going to Smile 🙂

I need you to know that Stars can’t glitter without Darkness & Dawn arises only after Dusk ✌

So better be a free falling Soul
And get lost in your World ❤

Bcuz The clarity will wash over you ,

You’ll be free . You will be free .

😇 🙌

✌ Happy Friday ✌




Unfathomed Abyss of my LIFE

When I say I’ve known Anxiety ,

I do not mean that I’ve known Worry .

I mean that I’ve known what it is to Drown with each Vital Breath that I take.
To tread Water in the middle of the Ocean with my thoughts circling me ,

A Mental Shark passing again & again to take a piece of my Sanity.

When I say I’ve known Depression ,

I do not mean that I’ve known Sadness.

I mean that I’ve known an Impenetrable Darkness that pervades every Crevice of my being .
That I’ve been trapped in a prison of my Mind’s own creation , unable to reach for the key.

When I say I’ve known Excruciation ,

I do not mean that I’ve known Pain & Suffering.

I mean that I’ve known battling with Happiness which are Universal Sentiments which do not discriminate .

I mean to relate with the way of tugging the Heartstrings resonating with the Scarred Heart which actually Endure, Rebuild, Blossom and Flourish my Soul .

When I say I’ve known Self-Loathing ,

I do not mean that I’ve looked in the Mirror with Judgement .

I mean that I’ve Cut Away my Hate & Starved Mighty Mountains into Sunken Valleys.

And when I say that I’ve known ,Please understand that still do I know.

For some days
Anxiety sits far too heavy upon my chest ,
Depression and Excruciation clouds my mind &
the words of Sweet Self-Loathe taunt me .

But what I really mean to say is that when I reckoned I was beyond Saving ,
beyond Hope ,
I was wrong .

Oh Darn , was I wrong ?


© 24/03/2019



Life can be Sunshine ,
On peaceful days with bright blue Skies.

Or Life can be Raindrops ,
That fall like a tear squeezed from your Eyes.

Life can be Heaven ,
That you’ll only reach through Hell .

Since you won’t know that you’re Happy ,
Is you’ve not been Sad as Well .

Life can teach you Tough Lessons ,
But you’ll be wiser once you Know.

That even Roses need both Sunshine,
And touch of Rain to Grow. 😇


The thing about Pain ,
Is it won’t last Forever

And it kills you right now ,
But with time it gets Better .

The thing about Scars ,
Is they all starts to Fade

Until nothing is left ,
Of the cuts that were Made .

The thing about Today ,
Is there’s always Tomorrow

And if you can’t find your Smile ,

I have one you can Borrow 😊



Is Growing Up really a Trap?

Here’s what they don’t tell you about Growing Up :

They don’t tell you at times , you’ll find yourself at Crossroads & you’ve to count on your Intuition & your Gut to lead you .

They don’t tell you that even if you have all the Signs in the World ,
if you don’t think a Road is for you ,
you’ll have to Walk another one Alone .

They don’t tell you that at times you’ll find yourself in middle of nowhere,
living a LIFE you didn’t wish for ,
doing things you said you’d never do just to make ends meet,
just to survive, just to Live Another Day .

They don’t tell you that Love gets more Complicated as you get Older ,
it’s not the Romance that’ll sweep you off your feet,
it’s not the Fairytale you imagined when you were at your ‘TEEN AGE’
Dreaming of a Cinderella or a white picket fence & a Knight in shining armour .

They don’t tell you After few Heartbreaks, your Heart begins to Change .
You think too much before givin’ someone a chance ,
you’re always guarding your heart even when you’re falling in Love,
You’re always thinkin’ about the moment that leave or the moment you have to walk away .

You’re always Hoping for the Best but expecting the Worst .
You’re always Second-Guessing their feelings & your own .
You’re always ready to be alone again .

They don’t tell you that you will have to Accept that Certain Things are over;
the Perfect Job, the Perfect Relationship, the Family Portrait, the Ideal Friendships ..etc.

They don’t tell you that Things can Change Overnight & you will have to Deal with the Mess and the Aftermath .

But they also don’t tell you that as you get Older, you get Better at Healing, you get better at Learning, you get better Facing it all without losing your Mind .
You learn that Life still goes on without some people .
You learn that you can get caught up in a Hurricane & come out of it Unscathed .

They don’t tell you that Growing Up is a Project you’ll have to work on for the rest of your Life,
But the Good News is ,
you’ll always find within you what it takes you to complete that Project .
You’ll always find within you what it takes to do it yourself .

They don’t tell you that Growing Up is a lot tougher than you think, but so are You .

And above all,
They don’t tell you that you’ve to fight the battle Alone in LIFE ,
Competing your Present with your Past manoeuvering towards bright Future &
evolve into Best Version of you facing innumerable Hardships & Struggles .

So, Growing Up really a Trap or fun ?


© 14/03/2019

Moving Forward is the Key✌

At times it’s better to break away from Old thoughts.
Lookin’ ahead.

The path we chose to go further or turn here & there,
So we can Accomplish what lies ahead with all our Strength ,
And so we can go new ways ,
Meet new people & Develop new ideas .

Never Regret about any Idea reckoning it won’t work well and all,
But continue Striving lookin’ forward ,
Because it’s the only way you can actually Change .

A look back
– Sparks longing , maybe utmost Sadness or even Rage .

A look ahead
– Fuels the Hope, the Ambition & the Wealth of Ideas that is in you .

Everything that is already behind us,
we can no longer influence or change.
It has already happened & cannot be undone whether it was a Good/Bad decision.

You cannot go 🔙
but you can go on where you are right now , affecting the end .

You’ll always come to Crossroads & you shouldn’t be surprised .

The path of your Life isn’t just StraightForward .
Many a times you’ve to Manoeuvre towards different direction .
Even then , make your decision & do not Mourn it , do not keep questioning it if you’ve already long gone further.

You must completely Rely on you .
Get Advice , but decide for yourself , of your own conviction ,
So you’re Happier & less Vulnerable to the consequences of your decisions .

Most of all , you’re Less Prone to people who think you actually have any direction for you .

It’s your way you go .
Again & again there’ll be companions.

You aren’t alone .
Because even for these people , they cannot change their past anymore.
But the Future is still ahead of them, before us, before you.

So you better keep continue moving forward.
Not backward, Only forward.
And change something you do not like what you glance before you .

It’s never too late to Start any work at any time any day .

Start Today.

Also, lil’ Progress Everyday adds up to big Positive Result someday ✌

Keep Moving . Keep Striving 💪



Train your Brain / Find your Mind

Every individual must seek
MINDFULNESS to understand Power of Mind

If your Mind is Relaxed & Calm like a still Lake, you’ll be able to react appropriately to any Circumstance that comes your way .

If however your Mind is more like the Raging Rapids of the River,
then you clearly aren’t in the right state to react in the way that you should .

In order to Work in our most Productive State we must try for Mind like Water .

A Calm Mind that isn’t Overloaded with Tasks, Plans & Responsibilities will be a more Productive Mind , able to React & Respond to inputs in the Appropriate way .

The Raging Rapids and The Monkey Mind

Realty is that rare of us possess this Calm Lake.

We race around with Turbulent Water close to Overflow.

Often missing or forgetting to do things we’ve to do or Overreacting to minor incident when a minor reaction was required.

– I possessed one of these minds in my younger days,
The One’s they liken to the Active Monkey in the tree & One whose circuits are Overworked.

– Being an Overthinker,
I use to think way too much unnecessarily ,
I use to forget too many things.
I wanted to do everything anyhow which wasn’t even required.

– This is why I remained much Underachiever in my Younger teen years.
The Ideas were there, the Dreams were big but I allowed myself to jump from plan to plan , from Idea to Opportunity never allowing my Mind nor myself to sit long enough to follow it through.

Later during my Realisation Phase,

I discovered couple of things :


– I utilised this method to disconnect with External World & calm my Mind of InternalWorld within.

With Meditation,
over the years I’ve learnt to Relax my wandering Mind & allow my thoughts to Come&Go like the Tides.

I’ve found that the more I Meditate, the more Creative I become.



– It’s the Answer to everything I believe.

Better the Health,
Better the Mood, Relationships, Greater Focus more Accomplishments and utmost Happiness .

Everytime I experience Stress , with variation and fluctuation in moods, I link it to lack of Exercise.

I strongly somehow convince my mind that It’s Time to step out & get Active charging myself up .
As it makes me way much more Cheerful & Calmer person .✌😇

Hoping this post might help to all them lovely readers to some extent

Thank you for the long read 🙂 HAPPY SUNDAY 🙌


It’s Time to Let Go…❤💔

It’s them Dark Endless Nights
that Scares me off the most,

It’s the Time when my Mind goes to War with my fragile Heart .

The Time when my Heart is forced to answer all them brutal questions about LOVE.. about YOU.

In them loneliest hours I could hear my Heart get Shatter and Pulverise .

Yes, you broke me in such a gentle manner that even them broken pieces looked beautiful 🙂

I tried hard ,
I tried to be your everything but you didn’t even Flinch .

May be I was searching in all them wrong places.
May be my Heart was never yours to keep.
May be it was clinging to the wrong person.

Trust me, I won’t Judge you
After all I saw it coming already,
this was a losing battle.

I just hoped that this Heartache wouldn’t turn into another Excruciating Lesson
But I was so wrong 🙂

The Truth is
I cared, I loved
As much as I could but in the end it just wasn’t enough .

Everything we could have had is now lying in front of me,
Confronting me
Broken & Shattered 🙂

May be its Time to let go
before I cut myself on those Sharp Edges of my own Remorse .

🙂 ❤


© 01/03/2019