Merry Christmas 😇❤🎄


Try to be a Giver & Big Hearted in Life

To be truly Happy in Life,

You must learn when to let go,

Naturally, you’re going to care when you shouldn’t,

You’ll hold no grudge on anyone and try to forgive them who failed you,

You’re going to stay longer than you should ,

And you’re going to give when you have nothing.

Know when to stop & let things be ✌

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Pain – Crucial part of Life

Every individual desires for Happiness, no one wants Pain,

But you can’t make a Rainbow without a little Rain. ☔

You need to understand the process of Life, wherein ,

There’d be no Gain without any Pain,

So don’t Strain your Brain, Be Sane, 😇

Respect the Pain , cease treating it with Disdain

In journey of Life’s Terrain,

There’d be no Happiness in your entire Life without any kinda Pain.

#love #thy #pain


This is LIFE ❤

People will screw you over.

You’ll quarrel with your family.

You’ll witness things that might change you forever.

You’ll blame new lovers for things old lovers did.

You’ll lose your friends you thought who’d be there standing by your side always.

You’ll come to realise that everyone has a past.

You’ll cry, you’ll laugh & you’ll embarrass yourself,

But then you’ll find your very moment where none of that matters ;

wherein you can just sit back & realise that “Shit happens” to the people who can handle it like a Champ & that this is who you actually are,

And that no one shall want to change you,

Including Yourself

#life #lesson


Journey of LIFE

On this road called LIFE ,

You have to take the good with the Bad ,

Smile with the Sad,

Love what you got & remember what you Had.

Always forgive but never Forget,

Do not live with holding any kinda grudge or Regret.

Many people will break in and leaving prints in your heart many will Go,

You just needa stay calm and go with the Flow.

People do change, Things go Wrong,

But just remember ,

The journey of LIFE still goes On ✌


#love #thy #life 😇


Relationship and Heartbreak – Part of Life

I believe one must definitely fall for someone and experience “Magical Love” thingy once in a lifetime. ❤

If fortunately the partner stays eternally ,

You are blessed forever.

If unfortunately you experienced a Heartbreak,

You get Matured with the excruciating damage and learn a crucial Life lesson and Move on evolving as a much better being 😇

Eventually, Relationship & Heartbreak shall be glimpsed and considered as a good aspect and prospect of Life .

#love #is #magical

If your partner is worth