Train your Brain / Find your Mind

Every individual must seek
MINDFULNESS to understand Power of Mind

If your Mind is Relaxed & Calm like a still Lake, you’ll be able to react appropriately to any Circumstance that comes your way .

If however your Mind is more like the Raging Rapids of the River,
then you clearly aren’t in the right state to react in the way that you should .

In order to Work in our most Productive State we must try for Mind like Water .

A Calm Mind that isn’t Overloaded with Tasks, Plans & Responsibilities will be a more Productive Mind , able to React & Respond to inputs in the Appropriate way .

The Raging Rapids and The Monkey Mind

Realty is that rare of us possess this Calm Lake.

We race around with Turbulent Water close to Overflow.

Often missing or forgetting to do things we’ve to do or Overreacting to minor incident when a minor reaction was required.

– I possessed one of these minds in my younger days,
The One’s they liken to the Active Monkey in the tree & One whose circuits are Overworked.

– Being an Overthinker,
I use to think way too much unnecessarily ,
I use to forget too many things.
I wanted to do everything anyhow which wasn’t even required.

– This is why I remained much Underachiever in my Younger teen years.
The Ideas were there, the Dreams were big but I allowed myself to jump from plan to plan , from Idea to Opportunity never allowing my Mind nor myself to sit long enough to follow it through.

Later during my Realisation Phase,

I discovered couple of things :


– I utilised this method to disconnect with External World & calm my Mind of InternalWorld within.

With Meditation,
over the years I’ve learnt to Relax my wandering Mind & allow my thoughts to Come&Go like the Tides.

I’ve found that the more I Meditate, the more Creative I become.



– It’s the Answer to everything I believe.

Better the Health,
Better the Mood, Relationships, Greater Focus more Accomplishments and utmost Happiness .

Everytime I experience Stress , with variation and fluctuation in moods, I link it to lack of Exercise.

I strongly somehow convince my mind that It’s Time to step out & get Active charging myself up .
As it makes me way much more Cheerful & Calmer person .✌😇

Hoping this post might help to all them lovely readers to some extent

Thank you for the long read 🙂 HAPPY SUNDAY 🙌



It’s Time to Let Go…❤💔

It’s them Dark Endless Nights
that Scares me off the most,

It’s the Time when my Mind goes to War with my fragile Heart .

The Time when my Heart is forced to answer all them brutal questions about LOVE.. about YOU.

In them loneliest hours I could hear my Heart get Shatter and Pulverise .

Yes, you broke me in such a gentle manner that even them broken pieces looked beautiful 🙂

I tried hard ,
I tried to be your everything but you didn’t even Flinch .

May be I was searching in all them wrong places.
May be my Heart was never yours to keep.
May be it was clinging to the wrong person.

Trust me, I won’t Judge you
After all I saw it coming already,
this was a losing battle.

I just hoped that this Heartache wouldn’t turn into another Excruciating Lesson
But I was so wrong 🙂

The Truth is
I cared, I loved
As much as I could but in the end it just wasn’t enough .

Everything we could have had is now lying in front of me,
Confronting me
Broken & Shattered 🙂

May be its Time to let go
before I cut myself on those Sharp Edges of my own Remorse .

🙂 ❤


© 01/03/2019


Knowing your Value is an Emotional subject, and when this question is being asked, people often get bewildered as to how to answer .

It’s easy to Identify when you don’t feel Valued, Respected or Appreciated,
but knowing your value is somewhat different.

But what exactly is knowing your value?
Is it having a positive Self-Esteem?
Is it knowing your worth & being able to identify all of your positive qualities?

TBH . I Ain’t Sure .

In my view, knowing your Value & Self-Worth are Inextricably linked.

Self-Worth is defined as “the Sense of one’s own value or worth as a person

I Reckon that is one part of it,

but the other Aspect is being able to Understand how much of a difference you’ve made in any given Situation with the Contribution you’ve made.

Self-Worth Value #1

– You must believe in & Love yourself.
– Self-Esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities.

– You should be comfortable with who you are, Everything that Makes & Represents you.

– You must be Confident in the work you deliver & your Sense of Professionalism.

– You should love & have a great Relationship with people.
And without positive Self-Esteem it’d be way complicated to know your Worth.

Self-Worth Value #2

– You must be aware about your boundaries.
– You need to be clear about what actually is an acceptable behaviour, how you like to be treated and spoken to , and you must develop the Courage to speak out whenever Required/Necessary.

– You mustn’t need any External Validation to prove your value , Instead, you must have an Internal Compass of what exactly is Right & Wrong.

Self-Worth Value #3

– In any given Situation, knowing your Value means feeling you’re an “EQUIVALENT BEING” with anyone you interact with :
eg: Clients, Bosses, Colleagues, Friends or Family.

– You aren’t a Supplicant ,
Nor you should feel privileged to be with someone or to work in a particular type of Organisation.

– You must have a Personal Sense of Value , Deservedness and Assert thyself as an “EQUIVALENT BEING” in
Personal, Social & Professional Relationships.



© 26/02/2019

International Mother Tongue Day


आयुष्यात अनेकदा पडलो, अनेकदा हरलो
पण कुठल्याही या गोष्टींचा

मला काहीही ..खंत नाही .

संपूर्ण विश्वास आहे स्वतः वर
पुन्हा लढेल, पुन्हा उठेल, पुन्हा जिंकील

शांत बसायला मी काय .. साधू-संत नाही .

संतुष्ट आहे सुंदर आयुष्य मिळाल्या बाबत
पण बरेच काही करायचं आहे अजून

कारण जे काही घङवलं ते .. अत्यंत नाही .

यशस्वी होण्याचा पाऊल घेतला आहे पुढे
ही तर सुरुवात आहे माझी.. अंत नाही .

शांत बसायला मी काय साधू-संत नाही .



Met downfall & Failed innumerable times in LIFE for Long ,

With Self-confidence & Willpower carrying Along .

Never had a remorse.. just learnt some lessons really Strong .

Trust so powerful Within ,

Again will fight, Again will rise, Again will Win .

Ain’t a fraudulent Saint
To Sit, Watch, Relax & Grin .

Satisfied with abundant blessings received from The Universe .

Yet Seldom are the things I’ve to work on fighting against the Conditions Adverse .

For winning LIFE,
Tackled through many Struggles and Embattlement which for me, now are very Thin .

Facing much hurdles throughout my LIFE isn’t the end,
This Battle is something I’ve just Begin .

Shall rise again and someday I’ll surely gonna Win .

As I ain’t a fraudulent Saint
To just Sit , Watch, Relax & Grin .




The Universe has your 🔙 already .
Believe in the loving Universe and it indirectly supports you.

And as much as you’d love to believe in all these, you don’t really feel that supported..
Many & Tough times,
Financially & Emotionally spinning times.

As in, where the heck is that support when I keenly need it,

Well, here’s truth about this Unconditional support :

The Universe doesn’t really ‘read‘ whether you want the thing or not,
It doesn’t really listen to your requests, claims or wishes.

Universe just responds to you & and your Vibrations.
And these Vibrations come purely from how you Consciously or Unconsciously choose to feel
also, are driven by your emotions.

When you truly understand this, at a deep cellular level, it is so Liberating.

Because not receiving what you want doesn’t mean you don’t deserve it.
Maybe you aren’t creative , inspired, talented or good enough,
You don’t do enough ,
You aren’t capable,
You ain’t that type of person, etc.

When you don’t receive what you want it’s simply because you’re just asking it with your Words
But not also with your looping Thoughts & Emotions.

Not Consistently & Strongly enough for that vibrations to be picked up
And attract you desire into Physical Reality.

So, Recall them moments when you decide your goal , see it , get Excited about it.
But then Time passes & nothing really happens
So you starting Doubting ,Wondering & Questioning yourself.

You see, from this Energy it is impossible to create what you want.
And not because you don’t ‘do’ the THING,
But because you are not the BEING.

That version of you who just decides and sees it at done
Energitically, Emotionally & Spiritually living already in the reality where it is all done .

A space where the doubts, fears & old stories are passing by just like Shadows

While you consciously choose to Focus your Emotions on what you see as your new truth 😇✌

So, here’s a question you can ask yourself daily:

What’d I be doing today if I had absolute Faith? 🙂



Understanding Depth of LOVE (Valentine’s Day❌👎)

Share LOVE 365 days – 24/7

Not just on any Typical Described DAY.

As there’s no such thing called Valentine I believe, One has to celebrate it Today, Tomorrow & EVERYDAY .

If you’re blessed with falling for the right one, LOVE BECOMES MAGICAL .

Unfortunately if you end up falling for the wrong one, LOVE MAY BECOME TRAGICAL .

GENUINE LOVE has no bounds, limits & CONDITION,

No matter whatever be any fcukin SITUATION.

It’s less about Romance but more about RESPECT,

Intact & Matured Relationships follow this thingy understanding with utmost ASPECT & PROSPECT.

Romantic feelings are always in a flux, As they might be Today and not be TOMORROW.

But Respect is durable, Mood, be it Joyful or full of SORROW.

It’s not only about Mutual Faith & UNDERSTANDING,

But also about holding hands, facing Good & Bad circumstances together & firmly STANDING.

It’s about Compassion, Compatibility, Care & also at times Jealousy & HATE,

LOVE isn’t destined already nor does it’s written in our FATE.

Despite taking Situation & Timing into consideration,


And when it does,

Indepth Mind, Heart & Soul Brightens and AWAKENS .

LOVE isn’t a Noun, It’s a Verb Something full of ACTION,

With poignant DIRECTION.

LOVE in Relationship is less about Rights and more about RESPONSIBILITIES ,

As beloved one’s don’t seek for temporary happiness so they deny every kinda MATERIALISTIC AMENITIES .

LOVE is a great blend of Caring & Daring .

Caring – It’s less about Knowing the person but caring for him/her.

Daring – To stand up & accept the person completely regardless of their faults & shortcomings, be it Smaller/Bigger one’s in a Relationship.

LOVE is more of like Mesmerising, Colorful, Fragrant filled ROSE 🌹 Accepting the Thorns, that arrives along with it.

Thorns = A Person’s Weaknesses, Failures, Shortcomings & Faults.

LOVE is clearly about Complete Acceptance .

A package deal like a ROSE Beautiful yet filled with Thorns .

Share LOVE 365 days – 24/7 ❤ Not just on Overrated Valentine’s Day …✌


© 14/02/2019

Being Well-Organized in LIFE

LIFE is Busy .

It’s Hard to keep everything Organized & Tidy.

And to some extent you don’t wanna have an Organized Life, But moving forward will require far less energy if you remove burden of Excessive baggage & Stress involved .

Everything in your LIFE is energy. If you’re carrying much Physical or Emotional stuff , YOUR PROGRESS WILL BE HAMPERED.

Rare are the people who have Organized their Lives to prioritize almost exclusively important & Deep activities .

(e.g. Learning, Health, Relationships, Travel and Goals)

No one gives a damn about your SUCCESS more than you do✌

If you aren’t a Meticulous Accountant about the important details of your LIFE, then you aren’t responsible enough to have what you say you desire for.


Getting Organized & conscious of present Circumstances (say, your Environment, Finances, Relationships, Purpose & Time) puts you in position build toward the future you want.

The fastest way to move forward in LIFE is not doing more. It starts with ceasing the behaviour which’s holding you 🔙

say, If you wanna get in Shape.. You’ll make more Progress by stopping your Negative Attitude than starting good one’s. So before you start 💪Working-Out, purge the Junk from your Diet.

Until you stop the damage, you’ll always be taking One Step Lateral Forward and One Backward.

say, Before you Focus on making more MONEY, reduce your spending.

Detach yourself from needing more & become more Content with what you have.

Until you do this, it doesn’t matter how much MONEY you make You’ll always Spend what you have (or maybe more) .

This is matter of Stewardship. Rather than wanting more & more, it’s key to take proper care of what you currently have.

Organize Yourself. Dial it in.

Your LIFE is a Garden. What good is Planting if you don’t prepare the Soil and remove the weeds?

Why do most people stay stuck?

– Because they never ORGANIZE .

They try adding more, or being more Productive or maybe taking a different bizarre approach .

Conclusion :




© 10/02/2019