Power of Optimism 😇

Positive thinking is reckoning thoughts of what You Love ❤

Positivity is Relative & Individual,

because what is Positive for one person may not be case for Another.


It’s Raining out there..☔

..Then for the person who loves Rain..

it’s sheer “Dance of Joy” already for him/her.

But for the person who dislikes it, things go other way round which isn’t much Positive.

Still the person that doesn’t like Rain

could think Positively by reckoning

about how much he/she loves

“Fall or Spring” 💛✌

Basically, you see Positive

thinking clearly isn’t similar for

every Respective Individual.

This is “Living the Secret”

Each Time you watch the Secret,

You become more Powerful in your thoughts and feelings to attract what you LOVE .

Every bad situation would

definitely come up with something Positive.

Believe in the Power of Optimism.

Being Optimistic & Seeking Positivity until your last breath will definitely reach you to the pinnacle of “NIRVANA” 😇❤


” Optimism = Success “


© 03/02/2019